Radiant 0.7.2 - Engravings Retro Release (bugfix)

Posted by Andrew vonderLuft on Monday, November 15, 2010 | |

Radiant 0.7.2 Engravings is a simple bugfix release, recommended for developers using 0.7.1, who write or run specs.

We have discovered a very remote edge case when running specs, that if the default Cache directory, ResponseCache.defaults[:directory], is explicitly set to blank or nil, the cache directory is interpreted as ‘/’ and thus clearing the cache in your spec triggers the execution of `rm -rf ‘/’`.

Upgrading an existing project/site from 0.7.x

1. Update the Radiant gem:

% gem install radiant -v 0.7.2

2. Change the RADIANT_GEM_VERSION constant in config/environment.rb to “0.7.2”.

3. Restart the server