Webvanta, Radiant, and Open Source

Posted by John W. Long on Friday, May 14, 2010 | |

There’s a nice article over on the Webvanta blog talking about the influence of Radiant and open source on what they’ve done with their hosted content management system. While Webvanta, strictly speaking, is not a hosted version of Radiant, they have certainly borrowed a lot from it conceptually. Their templating system is nearly identical to Radiant’s with page parts (called “regions”), snippets, and layouts (called “templates”). They’ve also utilized Radius as their templating language (calling it “Webvanta Script”). In addition, they’ve added full asset management, a customizable database solution, and a number of other features. Their help system is also very informative.

If you are looking for a hosted solution similar to Radiant, you might check out Webvanta. They even have a free plan.

It’s good to see Radiant having an influence on other content management systems. The fact that Webvanta is a commercial offering does a lot to legitimize many of the concepts that Radiant has employed.