Radiant 0.7.0 - Intaglio Release (final)

Posted by Sean Cribbs on Saturday, February 07, 2009 | |

Radiant 0.7.0 “Intaglio” culminates six months of refactoring and bug-
fixing by a dedicated team of contributors. The major milestone crossed
with this release is that the admin controllers have been refactored
toward Rails’ RESTful design. In addition, these changes are of note:

There were over 80 changes to this release! A big thank you goes to all
of the sprint weekend attendees and hack night contributors. Well done!


To install use the gem command (with ‘sudo’ as necessary):

$ gem install radiant
Upgrading an existing project/site

1. Change the RADIANT_GEM_VERSION constant in config/environment.rb to “0.7.0” or remove it altogether.

2. Update the Radiant assets in your project:

rake radiant:update

3. Copy your customizations back into config/environment.rb, if necessary.

4. Migrate the database:

rake production db:migrate

5. Restart the server

Creating a new project/site

1. Invoke the radiant command with your desired database driver:

$ radiant -d sqlite3 my_project

2. Bootstrap the database:

$ cd my_project
$ rake db:bootstrap

3. Startup the server and try it out!

$ script/server