Thanks to our Recent Sponsors

Posted by Sean Cribbs on Wednesday, September 24, 2008 | |

Thank you for making our upcoming community events possible!

Sprout Communication Strategies – Radiant Sprint Sponsor

Sprout Communication Strategies provides personalized marketing and Web development services with a special focus on health care, technology and veterinary clients. If you are looking for a smart, creative and qualified partner to help you grow your business through marketing and Web development, look no further.

Red Ant – Radiant Template Contest Sponsor

Red Ant is a web design and development firm, based in Sydney Australia. We are 14 Ants. We work on the visual design of web sites, from wireframe through to finished designs. We’re also quite experienced with designing/making web sites for multivariate testing.

We also build sites. Everything from making the HTML templates and Javascript that forms the building blocks of a site, to creating applications that help you manage stuff on your site.

Many of our clients are large consumer brands, so we’ve got quite a bit of experience at making sites that work well and are easy to use. Some of these generate quite a bit of traffic, so we’ve also got some experience in designing/making for high user load.