Announcing the Radiant Template Contest

Posted by Sean Cribbs on Thursday, September 18, 2008 | |

I mentioned it on the mailing lists the other day, but now it’s official! This is a contest to create new and beautiful templates for Radiant that will be included in the standard distribution. First, the goods:






Here’s the proposed Radiant shirt design (comments welcome):

How to Create and Submit Your Entry

  1. Create a clean Radiant project using Radiant 0.6.9 (gem or edge).
  2. Build the skeleton of a site including any pages, snippets, and layouts to support the design.
  3. Go to /admin/export on your project and save the response as a YAML file (.yml or .yaml extension). You may alternatively use the import_export extension and run rake db:export.
  4. Email the YAML file to: seancribbs AT gmail PERIOD com and ws AT johnwlong PERIOD com. Make sure to include the name of your template and your full name so we can give you credit.


  1. All submissions must be received via email by October 31st, 2008.
  2. All design must be your original work, but stock photos and icons are acceptable. Conversions of existing templates (e.g. Scribbish, Hemingway, oswd templates) will not be eligible for prizes, but might be considered for inclusion.
  3. All text-based content and design relevant to the template (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc) must be included in the template. For example, create your stylesheets and RSS feed as pages in the sitemap.
  4. If you include images in the design, they should be publicly accessible on a high-availability server and referenced in your design with absolute URLs. Amazon S3 is a good place to put them.
  5. Only pre-packaged extensions may be used — archive, textile_filter, markdown_filter — because we want people to be able to create these from an unmodified Radiant project.


Judging will be done by the Radiant community for a period of one week after all submissions are received. In addition to overall appeal, criteria may include cleanness of implementation, idiomatic use of Radius, and appropriateness for the audience or site type.

Sponsor Acknowledgment

Thanks to Ben Still for sponsoring the prizes for this contest.