RadiantConf Survey Results Redux

Posted by Sean Cribbs on Saturday, September 13, 2008 | |

The survey for RadiantConf closed this morning, so I thought I’d give an overview of the results. We had 55 respondents in total, with 44 completing the entire survey.

Where and When

The largest group of respondents were from outside North America, with the majority of those from Europe. Within North America, the Northeast region was the largest.

The top location where people were willing to travel to was the Northeast region, with Southeast and Outside North America tied for second, and Pacific region in third.

The overwhelming majority of respondents preferred a January-March 2009 timeframe, with April-June 2009 being the clear second choice.

Format and Participation

The session/activity formats drawing the most enthusiasm were (in order) Tutorials, Open hack sessions/sprints, and Formal presentations. The least favorite were Activities with significant others, Moderated panels, and Social activities.

The most popular topics were Advanced extension development, Site development strategies, and Radiant internals. The least favorite topics were Dev team Q&A, Basics of developing extensions, and Designing and implementing Radius tags.

The preferred conference format was Single-track with an Ad-hoc program, although Multiple-track lost by only 4 votes, and Committee-chosen program by 5.

The majority of respondents were unsure about whether they would submit proposals if a CFP were sent out.

Cost and Sponsorship

Most people were willing to pay $100-200 to attend, with $51-100 a close second. (in US Dollars)

Of greatest concern to respondents were Travel costs and Hotel costs.

The overwhelming majority preferred to have sponsors to offset registration costs, although many liked getting free stuff or would not be affected by the presence of sponsors.

Open responses

The question that drew the most free responses was the “topics” question. Here are some of those:

Other general responses about the conference (paraphrased):

More details

I’ve tried to summarize here, but if you require more detail about the responses, please contact me privately or on the mailing list.