RailsConf 2008

Posted by Sean Cribbs on Saturday, May 24, 2008 | |

RailsConf 2008 is only 5 days away! If it is anything like last year, we’ll have a large contingent of people interested in Radiant at the conference. We have several Radiant-related things going on, so here’s the lowdown.

Community Code Drive

First will be the community code drive on Thursday, 10AM-5PM. I don’t think you need to be registered for tutorials to participate, but if you’re not, lunch will be on your own. The goal of this drive will be to build a formal extension registry that will include scripts that can be used to install and uninstall extensions, track dependencies, etc. Although completing this will be my goal, there’s plenty of room for hacking on extensions, bugfixes and enhancements. Please come join us!

Birds-of-Feather Session

Radiant will have its own BoF session, moderated by Loren Johnson and myself. It will be very unstructured and could include Q&A, lightning talks, or whatever people want. It has not been scheduled yet by the organizers, so I’ll post details here as soon as we have a time blocked off.


I’ll be looking to interview some people for the podcast during RailsConf, so come find me and tell me about your Radiant projects.

Social time

Several people have talked to me about meeting informally for food and drink at some point. We’ll likely do this after the BoF session, but I’ll be available and interested to talk to any of you during the conference as well.

See you at RailsConf!

P.S. John Long and Adam Williams will not be in attendance. They will be missed!