Radiant 0.6.6 - Chiseled Release

Posted by Sean Cribbs on Sunday, April 20, 2008 | |

Radiant 0.6.6 “Chiseled” corrects two showstopper bugs in yesterday’s 0.6.5
release that affect upgrading existing installations and the proper
functioning of view templates in extensions. All users of 0.6.5 should
upgrade immediately. My apologies to all who installed 0.6.5 and had problems!


To install use the gem command (with ‘sudo’ as necessary):

$ gem install radiant
Upgrading an existing project/site

1. Change the RADIANT_GEM_VERSION constant in config/environment.rb to “0.6.6” or remove it altogether.

2. Update the Radiant assets in your project:

rake radiant:update

3. Copy your customizations back into config/environment.rb, if necessary (see below).

4. Migrate the database:

rake production db:migrate

5. Restart the server

Creating a new project/site

1. Invoke the radiant command with your desired database driver:

$ radiant -d sqlite3 my_project

2. Bootstrap the database:

$ cd my_project
$ rake db:bootstrap

3. Startup the server and try it out!

$ script/server

Internal Changes to config/environment.rb

The 0.6.5 release has required a lot of changes to the internal API of Radiant. End-users should be unaffected, but as a result of these requirements, we have made significant changes to config/environment.rb and config/boot.rb. When updating your existing projects, config/environment.rb will be copied to config/environment.bak. You will need to manually copy any customizations, especially config.extensions and any other libraries, etc. that you require. DO NOT copy config.load_paths, config.plugin_paths, or any of those items to the new file; those settings have been internalized in this release. If you have further questions, please address them to the mailing list.