Radiant 0.6.5 - Chisel Release

Posted by Sean Cribbs on Saturday, April 19, 2008 | |

It’s finally here! Radiant 0.6.5 “Chisel”, after over 4 months of grueling anticipation, is released. This represents a major leap forward for Radiant. The major changes are:

In addition to those major changes, these enhancements may be of interest:

For developers:


To install use the gem command (with ‘sudo’ as necessary):

$ gem install radiant

The gem will install as ‘radiant-0.6.5’.

Upgrading an existing project/site

1. Change the RADIANT_GEM_VERSION constant in config/environment.rb to “0.6.5” or remove it altogether.

2. Update the Radiant assets in your project:

rake radiant:update

UPDATE: There is a minor bug when upgrading if the public/javascripts/admin directory does not exist. Please create this directory in your project to alleviate the problem. The bug has been fixed in edge.

3. Copy your customizations back into config/environment.rb, if necessary (see below).

4. Migrate the database:

rake production db:migrate

5. Restart the server

Creating a new project/site

1. Invoke the radiant command with your desired database driver:

$ radiant -d sqlite3 my_project

2. Bootstrap the database:

$ cd my_project
$ rake db:bootstrap

3. Startup the server and try it out!

$ script/server

Internal Changes to config/environment.rb

This release has required a lot of changes to the internal API of Radiant. End-users should be unaffected, but as a result of these requirements, we have made significant changes to config/environment.rb and config/boot.rb. When updating your existing projects, config/environment.rb will be copied to config/environment.bak. You will need to manually copy any customizations, especially config.extensions and any other libraries, etc. that you require. DO NOT copy config.load_paths, config.plugin_paths, or any of those items to the new file; those settings have been internalized in this release. If you have further questions, please address them to the mailing list.