Art of Mission Launches Radiant Factory

Posted by John W. Long on Saturday, December 01, 2007 | |

Ryan Heneise, of Art of Mission, has just launched a new service built on Radiant. It’s called Radiant Factory. Basically, Ryan is offering professional assistance to anyone who needs help getting up and running with Radiant.

Ryan can help you:

This is a dream come true for people looking to get started on Radiant who don’t have a lot of experience with Rails or Ruby. Ryan and I were chatting about this last week when he told me that he believes ease of deployment is one of the main things holding Radiant back right now. Rails applications are notoriously hard to deploy. Especially, when you compare them to something written in PHP. With Radiant Factory Ryan is hoping to lower the barrier of entry a little. Hopefully, this will make it easy for more people experience this great little CMS.

Update: Ryan has had to put Radiant Factory on hold as he is now busy with other business.