Tutorial: Creating Radiant Extensions

Posted by John W. Long on Saturday, June 23, 2007 | |

One of the most exciting aspects of Radiant 0.6 is the support that has been added for extensions. Since Radiant is a “no-fluff” content management system there are a lot of features supported by other systems that will never make it into Radiant. I’ve tried to keep things clean and simple so that Radiant is easy to learn and easy to support. The trouble is, my opinion of what features constitute “fluff” and what features are absolutely necessary is probably different than your own. Extensions give you the opportunity to change this.

Using extensions you can customize nearly every aspect of Radiant. And because Radiant is made with Ruby on Rails, developing an extension is almost as easy as developing a regular Ruby on Rails application.

In this tutorial I want to help you get started with your first extension. We will cover:

I will assume that you already have the latest Radiant gem installed on your local computer and that you have a basic understanding of Ruby on Rails. If you have never used Ruby on Rails before please run through the Rolling with Rails tutorials (Part I, II, & III) before you begin.

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