Radiant 0.6 - Lapidary Release

Posted by John W. Long on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 | |

Last night the core team finished polishing off the rough edges of the latest release of Radiant. This is the first serious release in well over 6 months. The big news in this release is that we have created a first-class extension system to make it easier for you to tailor Radiant to meet your needs. A lot of people have already started using the extension system to create a number of useful third party add-ons. There are also numerous bug-fixes and improvements in other areas of the application. If you are still on the 0.5.x series this upgrade is a must. Core team member Sean Cribbs has compiled a complete list of the changes over on his blog.

RubyGems is still the recommended way to download and install Radiant:

# Install the gem, include the dependencies
gem install radiant --include-dependencies

# Use the `radiant` command to create the new project
radiant --database [mysql|postgres|sqlite3] path/to/your/project

# Get into the project directory
cd path/to/your/project

# Configure your database in config/database.yml

# Bootstrap the database
rake production db:bootstrap

Oh! And for those of you who still want to be on the bleeding edge with Subversion we have a solution for you, too. Use the new “freeze” rake task to import Radiant directly into your project vendor directory:

# Freeze to trunk
rake radiant:freeze:edge

# Alternatively, you can freeze to a specific revision or branch
rake radiant:freeze REVISION=123 BRANCH=facets

# Update your install
rake radiant:update

# Run the migrations
rake production db:migrate

A special thanks to everyone who has been involved in this release, especially, Alexander Horn for helping me redesign the Page model and get rid of those pesky Behaviors, Sean Cribbs who has been my right arm on this project, Daniel Sheppard for his work on optimistic locking and X-Sendfile header support, and Chris Parish for his browser compatibility improvements. Oh, and I should also add Adam Williams, who helped write a great deal of the extension system.

Update! Follow the how-to to upgrade a 0.5.x install.