Radiant 0.6 Release Candidate 2

Posted by John W. Long on Thursday, March 08, 2007 | |

There are still some more changes in the works, but we wanted to give everyone a chance to try out some of the cool new features that only people brave enough to check Mental out via subversion were able to enjoy.

To give it a whirl:

1. Download the gem: radiant-0.6.0rc2.gem

2. Install it using:

gem install radiant-0.6.0rc2.gem

3. Use the Radiant command to create a fresh project:

radiant -d sqlite3 path/to/your/project

4. Run the new bootstrap rake task:

cd path/to/your/project rake production db:bootstrap

5. Configure and start it using your favorite Web server:

script/server -e production

For those of you who want to remain on the bleeding edge, you can now do this:

rake radiant:freeze:edge BRANCH=mental

Once you’ve successfully executed the above you should periodically run the following to pull down new scripts, javascripts, images, and stylesheets:

rake radiant:update

This version ships with Rails 1.2.2 which sports better support for Sqlite 3.