Ruby Conf Presentation

Posted by John W. Long on Sunday, October 22, 2006 | |

My presentation at Ruby Conf went well. The practice with the Chicago, Madison, and South Bend Ruby groups really paid off. I feel like this was the best of the Radiant presentations I have done to date. I owe a special debt of gratitude to Adam Williams who helped me remove tons of duplication from the presentation late Thursday night (the presentation was Friday afternoon). Also, Nathan Wright’s slides from his talk about Radiant to the Denver Rail’s group were a huge help to me as I prepared my own. I borrowed wholesale from his work for one of the major sections of the presentation. Thanks Nathan!

The presentation seems to have perked a lot of interest here at the conference. I’ve also spoken with many people who are already using Radiant on their own sites or are planning to use Radiant on a site in the near future. It’s always interesting to hear feedback and ideas about Radiant. I’m tickled pink that so many people are enjoying it.

Download the presentation in PDF format (6.8 MB).