Two Members Added To the Core Team

Posted by John W. Long on Thursday, August 24, 2006 | |

I’m pleased to announce that two members of the Radiant community have
recently joined me on the core development team:

Bodhi should be familiar to many of you on the Radiant mailing list.
He’s been lurking on the list for a few months now and has contributed
many helpful patches and bug fixes. I’m hoping that he will be able to
ease the load on me a little now that he has commit privileges.

Alex is working with me on a full-text Search plugin for Radiant which
uses Ferret. He just committed his first change
last night. Alex
is also the current developer of another content management
system on Rails: Heiraki.

Welcome aboard guys!

Also of note: I’ve created a new mailing list for core developers.
You may want to subscribe
if you are interested in helping with Radiant’s development.