Radiant 0.5.2 - Raildust Release

Posted by John W. Long on Thursday, August 10, 2006 | |

In an effort to keep Radiant working with the latest version of Rails, I’m pleased to release Radiant 0.5.2.

Radiant 0.5.2 is identical to 0.5.1 except that it runs on Rails 1.1.6. Encase you have been out of the loop Rails 1.1.4 had a critical security vulnerability that could allow a malicious user to run code on your server. Rails 1.1.5 closed the vulnerability partially and Rails 1.1.6 will hopefully finish the job. It is highly recommended that you upgrade Radiant immediately.

Once the gem propagates to the necessary servers on RubyForge you should be able to:

% gem update radiant
% cd my/radiant/install
% radiant --upgrade .

See the download page for Zip or Tar+Gzip. Hopefully, this will be the last of the railing dust.