Please Break This: Radiant 0.5.1 RC1

Posted by John W. Long on Wednesday, August 02, 2006 | |

It’s been a bit quiet on the home front since the release of 0.5, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy. Without further ado, I present 0.5.1 release candidate 1:

Why a release candidate? Mainly because this version included major changes to the radiant command to allow users to upgrade existing installs. I’d like for people to test it pretty thoroughly before we release it into the wild.

To get started install the release candidate gem like this:

% gem install radiant-0.5.1-rc1.gem

Then cd to the directory where you have installed radiant and execute this:

% radiant --upgrade .

Which should output something like this:

Upgrading Radiant to version 0.5.1...
  Would you like to create backups of files that Radiant replaces? [yN] n
  overwrote ./CHANGELOG
  overwrote ./CONTRIBUTORS
  created ./public/.htaccess
  created ./public/images/layout.png
  overwrote ./public/images/new-layout.png
  created ./script/console
  created ./script/version
  updated Rails version to 1.1.4 in config/environment.rb
  updated Radiant version to 0.5.1 in config/instance.yml

Be sure to back up your install before upgrading. You can use the radiant command to upgrade radiant applications that are running in either instance mode or application mode.

Bug reports aren’t much good after an official release, so please: try and break something!

Apart from upgrade support, this version of Radiant includes the following enhancements:

A few additional patches may make it into this release, so please, if you have a patch that you would like to see applied, speak up!