Speaking at Chirb

Posted by John W. Long on Tuesday, July 04, 2006 | |

This Thursday (the 6th) at 6:00 PM I’m going to be speaking at the monthly Chicago Area Ruby Group meetup. I’ll be sharing a little about Radiant and doing a small Demo. If you are in town please stop in and say “Hi”. It should be tons of fun. Here’s a small extract from the talk details:

Say the words “content management” in the ears of nearly any Web
developer and they will likely frown and complain that most content
management systems are too complicated, difficult to setup, or not very
flexible. They have good reason to complain. Content management systems
are notorious for containing every feature, except for the kitchen sink!

Enter Radiant—a light-weight content management system designed from
the ground up to be simple to use, while remaining flexible and
powerful. It’s a content management system that has borrowed much from
Textpattern and MovableType while seeking to be more than a simple a
blogging engine.

Oh, I should also mention that ThoughtWorks is providing pizza!

Read the full write up on Chirb.org…