More Mischief from M@ McCray

Posted by John W. Long on Friday, June 16, 2006 | |

Matt McCray has been busy folks. He’s been working on a couple of projects which are worth noting.

The first is his Mailer Behavior, which allows you to create simple e-mail-this-page forms. These are great for contact pages or other niceties. To install simply type the following into your friendly neighborhood command prompt:

$ ./script/plugin source $ ./script/plugin install radiant_mailer_behavior

The second project he’s been working on is an extension to behaviors that lets you add Rails-like before and after filters to pages and page children. This makes it easy to implement some form of basic authentication or do other access control related activities. We are looking to integrate this extension into the core folks, so please check it out:

$ ./script/plugin install radiant_behavior_filters

Oh, and did I mention he also has a Password Protected Behavior which does basic authentication? Of course, you’ll need the Radiant Behavior Filters plugin above, but after that you can just:

$ ./script/plugin install radiant_password_protected_behavior

He’s also asking for help folks. He’s looking for people with good experience with unit testing. So if you can give him a hand, be sure to let him know.

Three cheers for M@. He’s churning out some great stuff!