Art of Mission Review on Radiant

Posted by John W. Long on Wednesday, June 07, 2006 | |

Ryan Heneise of Art of Mission has just published a great article on how he used Radiant to build a Web site for Hawkins Cosmetic Dentistry. Ryan writes:

For a pre-beta CMS, Radiant really impressed me. It’s very easy to set up a new website, once you figure out the Radius tagging system. It’s extremely powerful – page parts, snippets, inheritance, behaviours, and layouts combine to make Radiant powerful and flexible. And the admin interface is pretty and easy to use, so now I can deliver a website to a client without apologizing for the admin interface…

In the full review, Ryan covers several of the major facets of Radiant and talks about layouts, inherited page parts, and header navigation, among other things.

For those of you who are still holding out for an official release, perhaps Ryan’s comments about Radiant will be enough to push you over the edge into the happy realm of alpha testers. Despite being alpha software, Radiant is still complete enough to be extremely productive.

Read Ryan’s full review at Art of Mission…