Gallery Behavior

Posted by John W. Long on Friday, May 26, 2006 | |

Oliver Baltzer just announced a new plugin for Radiant that allows you to create simple photo galleries. The plugin is implemented as a normal Rails plugin. It adds a Gallery behavior which you can use to turn a normal page into a photo gallery. Simply upload the images that you would like to use to a folder on your server and use the provided tags to construct your gallery. The plugin automatically resizes images using RMagick and provides a Lightbox preview.

The easiest way to get it is to use Subversion:

$ cd vendor/plugins
$ svn co

But you can also download it from his site here:

He also has a nice demo up here:

Oliver’s work represents a milestone for the Radiant community in that it is the first publicly available plugin for Radiant. Hopefully, a stream of others will follow shortly. Good work Oliver!

Read more about the gallery plugin it in his official announcement.