Site Launch At Last!

Posted by John W. Long on Wednesday, April 26, 2006 | |

Radiant is far from finished at this point, but it has enough features to be useful to others now so I’ve decided to go a head and get the ball rolling on a community site. This is that Web site. I’ll be expanding this site in the near future to contain documentation and other niceties. For now there is just the pretty home page, the blog, and the Trac powered dev site.

The fun part is that this very Web site is powered by Radiant. This qualifies it as the first public Web site to ever run Radiant, though in a few weeks (perhaps) Ruby-Lang will be running it, too. With that in mind I would really appreciate it if a few of you could kick the tires hard and make sure that Radiant is ready to go for Ruby-Lang. Please! Download Radiant from the Subversion repository and get this puppy on the road.

I’d be happy if you could submit bug reports and feature requests on the Trac site. Let me know all of your great ideas and help me prioritize what should be added in the near future.

I’ll write more about my vision for Radiant soon.